8 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #113: A Labor of Love

  1. Thanks for posting the photos and calling our attention to a meeting that is both good yet disturbing. I’m glad that relatives and others can hear updates, but the numbers of “unaccounted for” are staggering. I’m not sure what your roll in these meetings was, but I would be interested in knowing. Thanks for bringing something to my attention that I hadn’t really thought much about.

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  2. Chava, what an astoundingly large number, and how sad to see the number of people in the audience, knowing how difficult it must be to have a loved one unaccounted for. You’ve done us an excellent service bringing it to our attention. A great example of a labor of love.

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  3. What a moving post, Chava. I had no idea so many people were still unaccounted for from WWII. The toll of human life in wartime is staggering. I’m sorry that you have a relative that is still unaccounted for. It must be hard not to have closure and to be always wondering. Thanks for highlighting this, Chava.

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    1. Although I never met this Great-Uncle and nearly everyone who was alive (with the exception an aunt of mine who was baby/toddler) before he died and knew is deceased, I and another cousin have been making sure the process to get him accounted for progresses.


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